Our mission is to enadeavor to supply the best fit for purpose products that offer the minimum environmental pollution and impact to life on our planet.

Certification and Conformity


Product Indenmity

Indemnified for sale in the United Kingdom and European Continent.

Standard Physical Sizes

Regular 197mm x 6mm

Regular Short 140mm x 6mm

Cocktail 100mm x 5.5mm

Smoothie Regular 197mm x 8mm

Smoothie Long 238 x 8mm

Smoothie Larger Bore 238 x 10mm

Custom sizes and designs are also available to special order


Primary Packaging - The immdiate packaging in direct contact with the straws. 

Food safe transparent OPP (Orientated PolyproPylene)

This option is used to package 25 or 100 straws per pack

OPP is fully recyclable and can be easily reprocessed into many other products for many
different applications. However, unlike paper and other cellulose products, OPP is not biodegradable.

OPP or BOPP is a bi-oriented treatment applied to polypropylene by which it is tensioned to create a high quality, crisp, but brittle film. The food grade version (as used) is widely used as a primary packaging product for direct contact with food. It is an established and trusted very light weight product used throughout the world.



  • Can be easily recycled
  • Extremely light weight
  • Uses very little energy and resources to manufacture
  • Transparent
  • Food safe
  • Material water and vapour proof
  • Hygenic


  • Not Biodegradable (More than 10 years to degrade even in well managed landfill)
  • Not all councils recycle
  • Needs to be disposed of responsibly

Some designs are also available "off the shelf" individually paper wrapped. Other designs are available individually paper wrapped to special order. We can also provide cardboard immediate packaging.

Wholesale Delivery Packaging

Our cardboard delivery packaging is mainly used when more than 500 straws are being transported. The cardboard used is made up of varying levels of virgin and recycled carboard. All paper material used is sourced from managed FSC registered resources.

The delivery packaging mainly used for posting 500 straws or less is a high strength mailing bag that will degrade along with industrial compost. The bags are printed with a green biodegradable leaf logo. Care should still be taken when disposing of these bags as until the degrading process advances they have the potential to be hazardous to marine life should they be allowed to enter our seas and waterways.

Future Development

We have an ongoing policy of reviewing and improving our products, packaging and services as more environmentally friendly materials and proceses become available. We therefore reserve the right to update the specification of our paper drinking straws at any time.


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