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Wholesale Account Set up

Customers can use their saved details to checkout faster. There’s two ways that customers can check out using their saved details.

  1. If a customer checked out previously without creating an account, their details are still saved and via a simple email verification they can access their saved details.
  2. If a customer has created an account previously, they can checkout with their saved details by entering their password or be sent a magic link to their email, so they don’t have to remember their password.

Using Filters to Display Products

Displaying All Products On the Website

Customers can filter products by category (Bulk buy, Regular, Smoothie, Cocktail) Design (Such as stripe, chevron or floral). By Physical Size, Pack Quantity or a combination of these options.

When no categories or filters are ticked, All products available to purchase from the website are displayed. See image left.

Displaying Only Certain Products

Customers have the option to display only certain type of product such as design, size or colour
To narrow your search click on the links in the left hand filter menu, this will display a tick against that filter option. See image on right

If for example you wanted to view all our regular straws 197mm x 6mm in packs of 100 straws. You would select "Regular" from the categories then "Pack Quantity 100" and "Size 197mm x 6mm" from Filters.

Alternatively, customers can use the "Search" feature at the top right hand side of the page to search for a specific straw.

Product Viewing Options

Selecting View Options

You can decide how you would like to view the products on the webpage by selecting "muti column view" or "single column view" The control icons for this are at the top right of the page next to the search feature.

Sort By Options

You can also use the "Sort By" feature to select what order you would like the products displayed. (See left image)

UK Government ban Use of Plastic Drinking Straws.

On 21st May 2019 The UK government confirmed a ban the use of plastic drinking straws in England from April 2020. After a public consultation period enabled over 80% of people to vote in support of a ban. It is estimated that around 8.5 billion plastic straws are used every year in the UK alone.

Whilst paper is a sustainable alternative and less of a threat to our landfill, oceans and marine life, the materials and production costs of manufacturing paper straws are considerably higher. With responsible supervision these additional costs can of course be offset by only offering paper drinking straws to those that prefer to use them. There's no doubt that some drinks taste (and look) so much better when consumed through a straw and especially one that is also much kinder to the environment and life on our planet.


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